Czigany World Fusion Dance
FCBD®Style Sister Studio | ATT Certified | FCBD®Style CE Instructor

Class Descriptions

FCBD®Style level 1

Dance Fundamentals. Learn the basic steps, cues, formations, music theory and zil patterns.

FCBD®Style level 1 & 2

Tribal Combinations. Build on all of the techniques learned in level one with more complex steps, introduction to partnering and chorus.

FCBD®Style level 3

Drills/Improv Choreography

FCBD®Style L3 Technique and Props

Skirt and balancing

FCBD®Style With Skirt

Your amazing skirts don't just have to be part of your costume, they can be a prop to add a new dynamic to your dance. Krisztina has long been known for her beautiful skirt-work and now she will teach you how to take many Classic and Modern FCBD®Style steps and add a new level to them with skirt moves. You will also learn a few of Krisztina's signature steps that she has adapted to fit into the FCBD®Style format.

FCBD®Style with Props

Adding props to your dance can add a dramatic new aspect while also improving balance, posture and isolations. We will work with skirts utilizing steps from Krisztina’s Work that Skirt format, and balancing with swords and baskets.
Prerequisites: Must be proficient in all L1 and L2 steps to attend this class.

World Fusion Belly Dance Level 2/3

World Fusion techniques, drills and choreography

Belly Dance Basics - World Fusion Style L1

Learn the ancient art of belly dance while toning your muscles, gaining flexibility and relieving stress. This class will focus on correct dance posture, stretching, strengthening, isolations, foundation steps, traveling steps, graceful arms, shimmies, step combinations, intro to world fusion choreographies and FCBD®Style group improv steps, formations, zils, and costuming. World fusion bellydance has its foundation in classic Egyptian bellydance then adds steps and inspirations from countries all across the Middle and Far East including Turkey, India, North Africa, and Spain. No previous dance experience necessary.

Belly Dance Beyond Basics - World Fusion Style L2

This class will focus on refining all level 1 foundation moves, add level 2 moves, layering, stretching, and strengthening. Also included are step drills and more complex world fusion combos and choreographies. Skirt techniques and props are introduced at this level. Note: This class is 1½ hours.
Prerequisites: Good working knowledge of all material in tribal/world fusion belly dance basics.

Czigany Performing Company - World Fusion Style Belly Dance L3

This class adds to the material learned in levels 1 and 2 and focuses on more complex layering techniques, new steps and step combinations and world fusion choreographies with the use of props including skirts, veils, baskets, swords, candles, trays, fans, spoons, and zills. Note: This class is 2 hours.
Prerequisites: Good working knowledge of all material in basics and beyond basics classes.

Turkish Oriental and Romany

Learn the steps, turns, gestures and combos unique to Turkish style belly dance. These classes will learn a full choreography and how to improv to Turkish music. Also included: veil work, zills, history, costuming and music interpretation.