Czigany World Fusion Dance
FCBD®Style Sister Studio | ATT Certified | FCBD®Style CE Instructor

Work That Skirt FCBD®Style Style!

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Your amazing skirts don’t just have to be a part of your costume, they can be a prop to add a new dynamic to your dance.

Krisztina has long been known for her beautiful skirt work and commanding FCBD®Style performances. She has now combined the two into a vocabulary that will take your improv performances to a whole new level. This instructional DVD will teach you how to layer fun and dramatic skirt moves over many Classic and Modern FCBD®Style Steps along with a few new Czigany Dialect Steps.

Disc 1: Instruction

  1. Carolena’s Intro
  2. Krisztina’s Intro
  3. Costuming
  4. How to Catch & Hold Your Skirt
  5. Shimmy Step
  6. Arabic
  7. Pivot Bump
  8. Single Bump
  9. Single Bump Half Turn
  10. Double Bump
  11. Choo Choo
  12. Choo Choo Spin
  13. Turkish Shimmy
  14. Egyptian Basic
  15. Egyptian Half & Full Turns
  16. Egyptian Sevillana
  17. Triple Egyptian
  18. Spins
  19. Reach and Sit
  20. Box Step
  21. Triangle Step
  22. Push Forward and Back
  23. Chico Four Corners
  24. ASWAAT
  25. Shoulder Shimmy Hip Drop
  26. Grapevine Flourish
  27. Wrap Around Turn
  28. Clean Sweep Turn

Disc 2: Drills & Performance

  1. Shimmy Step
  2. Arabic
  3. Pivot Bump
  4. Single Bump
  5. Single Bump Half Turn
  6. Double Bump
  7. Choo Choo
  8. Choo Choo Spin
  9. Turkish Shimmy
  10. Egyptian Basic
  11. Egyptian Half & Full Turns
  12. Egyptian Sevillana
  13. Triple Egyptian
  14. Spins
  15. Reach and Sit
  16. Box Step
  17. Triangle Step
  18. Push Forward and Back
  19. Chico Four Corners
  20. ASWAAT
  21. Shoulder Shimmy Hip Drop
  22. Grapevine Flourish
  23. Wrap Around Turn
  24. Clean Sweep Turn
  25. Performance

112 minutes

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