Czigany World Fusion Dance
FCBD®Style Sister Studio | ATT Certified | FCBD®Style CE Instructor

Work That Skirt vol 2 Volume 2: Slow Steps & Transitions

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Your amazing skirts don’t just have to be a part of your costume, they can be a prop to add a new dynamic to your dance.

Krisztina has long been known for her beautiful skirt work and commanding FCBD®Style performances. She has now combined the two into a vocabulary that will take your improv performances to a whole new level. This instructional DVD wil teach you how to layer slow skirt moves over many Classic and Modern FCBD®Style Steps, along with a few new Czigany Dialect Steps.

Chapter Index

  1. Introduction
  2. Holding Your Skirt
  3. Taxeem
  4. Little Camel Walk
  5. Bodywave
  6. Circle Step
  7. Reverse Taxeem / Reverse Circle Step
  8. Reverse Pivot Switch
  9. Propeller Turn
  10. Reverse Turn
  11. Clean Sweep Turn
  12. Sahra Turn
  13. Corkscrew Turn
  14. Loco Camel
  15. Wraparound Turn
  16. Barrel Turn
  17. Camel Walk
  18. All Steps Drill #1
  19. All Steps Drill #2
  20. All Steps Drill #3

62 minutes