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Frequently Asked Questions

What is FCBD®Style belly dance? What is world fusion belly dance? Is belly dance good exercise? What should I wear to class? Keep reading for the answers to these and many other questions.

What should I wear to class?

The most important things to think about when deciding on what to wear to any dance or fitness class is choosing clothing that you are comfortable in, that allows freedom of movement and that allows the instructor to see your movements easily to assure proper posture and alignment. Good choices for tops are: a tank top, fitted tee, crop top, sport bra or choli. Good choices for pants are exercise or yoga pants. For your feet: bare feet are best for Belly Dance.

What is World Fusion Belly Dance?

Steps from many dance forms all over the world, but mainly the focusing on dance styles from all along the Romany Trail and the Silk Road: the Middle East, India, Turkey, Spain, and Africa
Combining these different dance steps into a beautiful tapestry of visual art
Belly Dance
The core basis of this dance style is deeply rooted in belly dance, which has long been known as a celebration of women for women.

What is FCBD®Style Belly Dance (FCBD®Style)?

FCBD®Style Belly Dance, Also known as FCBD®Style, focuses on spontaneous, synchronized group improvisation and incorporates gypsy-style dancing with Middle Eastern moves (belly dancing), Indian moves, and some Flamenco-Spanish style moves.

There are three major differences that set FCBD®Style apart from other dance forms. They are:

Group Improvisation
This dance style appears to be choreographed but is actually improvisational in nature. Using a set format of steps and cues, the dancers create the dance as they go along. This generates a beautiful display of energy between each dancer that can not only be felt by members of the tribe but by the audience as well. To be considered truly FCBD®Style there can be no solo interpretations unless there is at least one other dancer on the stage with you. Even then, the focus is on the group as a whole since the majority of the dance is done in groups of at least two or more dancers.
The costuming is a beautiful ethnic-flavored mix of costumes from all over the world. This look involves many colorful layers of natural fabrics; mirrored and embroidered materials; and unique, beautiful heavy jewelry. The make-up of these costumes from so many different influences reflects the roots of this dance in that they show the inspiration drawn from many time periods, dance forms, and distant exotic lands.
This unique posture is regal and proud; displaying a feeling of power, strength and mystery.

Czigany World Fusion Dance is a FatChanceBellyDance® Sister Studio for FCBD®Style.

Is it true that belly dance is a great form of exercise?

Belly dance is one of the fastest growing forms of exercise in America today. It is low impact, muscle toning and strengthening, and after you learn the basic steps, aerobic as well. Belly Dance is also very stress relieving. I am often told by women that belly dance class is the highlight of their week and that they feel so good when they leave class, not only physically, but mentally as well.

Do I have to have a bare belly to participate in classes or performances?

Absolutely not. You never have to have a bare belly to participate in any class or performance. There are many, many clothing and costuming options available, but do know that having a bare belly in a belly dance class or performance is very natural, acceptable, and appropriate. Our society as a whole tends to promote the unfortunate notion that unless you have a certain body type it should never be seen. The beauty of fusion belly dance is that it can be done by women of all ages, sizes and backgrounds in a group of peers that not only accepts each other's unique differences, but celebrates them. World Fusion Belly Dance helps you learn to feel comfortable in your own body and to truly know that you are beautiful.

What are the different classes and what is covered in each of them?

A complete description of each class and what is covered in each can be found on the Class Descriptions page.

Will I learn choreographies?

Dance choreographies are taught in our world fusion belly dance classes.

What is group improvisation and what does that mean to me?

Group improv is a style of belly dance (for us it is FCBD®Style) that is not choreographed, but is made up on the spot by the dancers. This is done by everyone learning to do the steps in a particular way. One dancer at a time takes the lead position and begins to dance. She will then cue the other dancers when she is going to change steps and they will know by the cue what step she is changing to. The dancers take turns leading and following. One of the most fulfilling things of learning and participating in tribal improv is the sense of joy, ownership, and accomplishment you feel in connecting with the music and your fellow dancers while creating a captivating work of visual art.

Do I get to play finger cymbals?

Yes, finger cymbals, or zils, are used in our FCBD®Style classes.

What about veils, do World Fusion dancers dance with veils?

Yes we do. Veils are an extension of the dancer and add a graceful, flowing quality to the dances in which they are used. The use of veils is taught in our world fusion classes.

Do I get to dance with props?

Yes, World Fusion dancers can use many props. The one we usually start with in our particular dance style is a full-tiered skirt. Your skirt becomes your dance partner as you learn world fusion inspired skirt steps, accents and flourishes to add drama and pizzazz to your dance. Other props include: veils, baskets, swords, candles, canes, fans, and wings (yes, there are such things; they are similar to isis wings, but made to match our costuming). The use of these props is taught in our world fusion classes and our fusion balancing classes.

The real magic that is world fusion belly dance is each dancer's development not only of a beautiful timeless dance style, but of self-confidence, strength and personal growth in a nurturing environment of camaraderie and friendship.

Explore the grace, mystery and power in this modern interpretation of an ancient tradition.